There Is No Separation 

4K DCI. 28:00 min. 2022

There Is No Separation is a documentary portrait constructed through a series of conversations with a woman who has lived alone for forty years in a cabin she built in Montana, while remaining dedicated to living in kinship with other beings and the natural. Laura Jackson has spent over 40 years cultivating 10 acres in western Montana.

The paradox of Laura finding kin in the natural world while choosing to live alone allows us to consider our own ways of being in the world. This portrait serves as a model for considering dwelling, allowing the viewer to contemplate their own moments of kinship and separation from the world.  The structure of the film as a series of ambient conversations and observations allows it to drift through reveries of memory, family, land and poetry.

There Is No Separation is directed, shot and edited by Wes Kline. Damon Falke served as interviewer, story editor & writer. The film is co-produced by Wes Kline & Damon Falke. It was filmed on location in western Montana in 2022.

There Is No Separation is currently in competition at film festivals nationally and internationally. Please email for screening requests.