Humid Trance Distance

4K Digital video. 10:05. 2021

How do you signal shifts in the experience of social space—physical and psychological, individual and communal--during a pandemic? Humid Trance Distance, a video performance project by Janelle Rebel and Wes Kline, is driven by an impulse to unpack the new anxiety of bodily proximity in public space as well as to cultivate episodes of distanced togetherness in their community in southwest Florida. The performances are scored, rehearsed, and improvised on location for two to infinity performers and utilize momentary gestures, found and simple constructed objects, cyclical actions, and spatial geometries. The project investigates ideas about the hyperlocal, productive affect, and dispersive technologies through abstract movements--face, sync, pass, waterfall, meet, revolve, and intersect.

Directed by Wes Kline and Janelle Rebel.
Writing, performance scores and choreography by Janelle Rebel.
Shot, edited with music by Wes Kline.

Performed by:Chelsea Bruner, Matthew Dalton, Eleanor Eichenbaum, Musa Kunene, Ro Maiti, Alé Salamán, Michael Wyshock.