Photographs, custom newsprint, video, sound. 2013.

The project MINOTAUROCRACY makes an attempt to recreate the unproduced film “Minotaur” by the mid-century avant garde filmmaker Hans Richter, using the gallery as a collage space for re-imagining the film as a series of vignettes and architectural photographic archives strewn around the gallery. Aesthetic moments, documentary moments and architectural moments become diffuse and scatter from image to image. A series of structures, video vignettes, photographs, archives, drawings, and performances collapse the modernist figure of the “Minotaur” (a favorite of the Surrealists, Picasso, and many others) into a series of participatory moments. Instead of the fragmented figure of the minotaur in a labyrinth, the viewer encounters an opportunity to “repair”, “archive” or “restructure” the minotaur as a site of exchange and production. The title MINOTAUROCRACY humorously alludes to this ‘production,’ recalling the image of the minotaur as not a fragment, but as a plurality.