Study Abroad: Portable Islands, University of Florida 2013/2014

A study abroad course for both art majors and non-majors, allowing participants to explore an experimental approach to image making and photography. This class addressed the idea of “location” as an ecological state, described by contingencies, boundaries and thresholds, whether philosophical, topographic, visual, political, etc. It considered photographs as technological interfaces that promote portability and enable a means of cultural penetration (market, political, experiential) by the user. Using some of the relatively recent history in Berlin, we used photography to approach an ecological idea of the ‘individual’ and the (photographic) technologies that begin to produce ‘portable’ narratives of individual and collective action.

Ultimately, this class worked to develop a practice that uses photographs as active (or experimental) interfaces into the world, allowing us to respond to location, and perhaps the historical thresholds of location, in dynamic and forceful ways. The course ended with an exhibition of student work in the galleries at University of Florida.


Study Abroad: Borderless Pavilion, New Mexico State University, 2017

In collaboration with rhetoric faculty Dr. Anthony Stagliano, art students visited Documenta and the Venice Biennale, and then produced a ‘state-less’ and nomadic pavilion, Terra Incognita, which was installed the following semester in Las Cruces, New Mexico. This