“The cell is not a material unity, but a meaningful self that produces its own identity through the continued desire to be whole through connection to other matter.”
                                                            - Andreas Weber, Enlivenment.

My work functions as a series of propositions, from which I hope that we can start to approach the idea of a “connection to other matter,” a thought which opens out onto the ecological, political, social and ontological. Drawing from the work of philosopher Manuel DeLanda, my projects interpolate specific visual histories as assemblages, and use them to investigate how these assemblages become models for how we interact, and how we think. My work extends principles developed in eco-poetics and ecology that examines vectors of human and non-human activity, especially focusing on modernist histories and architectures as sites of “dwelling.“

Working from this understanding of image, my work examines and looks to create what the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk has called “inspired spatial communities” that are united, however fleetingly, by purposeful engagement with vectors of language, sound and image. Consequently, my work addresses the image as an interface into ecological spacings, using photography, text, sound and video installation.

I am currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Art at New College of Florida, and have previously taught at Ringling College of Art and Design, New Mexico State University, St. Lawrence University, and the University of Florida.

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